• We are Here with You
    Every day we bring hope to hundreds of families in Yemen
  • Reproductive Health Center
    An integrated health center that promotes the principle of motherhood and childhood care
  • Water distribution
    Extend a helping hand to people who suffering from water shortages
  • Protection/ Education
    Working to create better education and protection opportunities for all affected communities all over the country
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Who We Are

YFCA is a leading, independent and neutral Non-Governmental organization, working nationwide at different levels to promote equitable and sustainable development, deliver humanitarian assistance, and other relevant interventions for a better life and wellbeing of communities and individuals. YFCA is working alongside the government, local and international partners, and urban and rural communities in an endeavor to complement the efforts of other actors and stakeholders who work towards a common purposes.

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YFCA Vision

A poverty-free, healthy, enlightened society.

YFCA Mission

Striving to respond to the human needs, working with people to bring about positive, sustainable and behavioral changes in lives through the promotion of effective partnerships, cooperation to create, implement and innovate solutions that respond to basic and critical humanitarian needs and addressing the economic, social and environmental challenges.

Our Activities

Our activities scope target the poor, vulnerable and displaced population, paying attention to women and children who are particularly the most vulnerable groups and the primary victims of emergencies and crises. . Our focus expands to contribute to the overall enhancement and sustainable development of society and environment in a society where extreme poverty and high rates of illiteracy and constant conflicts remain major obstacles.


We follow a modern and scientific approach in our programs design and implementation. Our programs are built on the severity of needs, perceptions of the affected individuals, conflict and chronic vulnerabilities, widespread protection needs, health and nutrition contingencies, scarcity of life-saving needs (food, water, hygiene, sanitation, shelters etc.), in addition to education and equity for the whole society in general.

Who we work with?

Our partners .

YFCA remains committed to create and extend fruitful partnership models with a variety of partners who share mutual missions.